The Duru Collection

“After a year of many changes, reflections, challenges & growth...we want to inspire, motivate, give back and
remind all of us that it is from within that we can open the doors to where we want to go next!

From home, from a far...with a thankful heart, a smiling attitude & the right shoes we sure can enjoy the ride!
We decided to create 2 of our beloved styles, working hard with our team & artisans to find the perfect fit,
technique & materials, while keeping everyone safe to share it with all of you!
So we can all continue to open doors, create, dream and write our very own #EmpoweringJourneys

We are beyond happy & proud to share with you our special #TheDuru collection:
FOR YOU! with much love, gratitude & consciousness: Introducing The Leone Bootie & The Iris Leone Flat