Our brand was born out of the desire to create unique shoes
using thoughtfully selected materials of the highest quality
while pairing them with traditional craftsmanship.

Our shoes and accessories tell a story of authentic and ethical production.
They are an endorsement of the beautiful skills of small artisan workshops in Italy, combine unique designs with an exotic flirt, and are meant to dance through life and empower confident, strong and cheerful women.

The brand wants to commit to continuously build up a long-term roadmap
to consciously choose and adopt materials, techniques and solutions
that are ever-friendlier to our planet and the community.


SUSANA MADRID will develop some collections with the support of select local communities throughout the world: a great way to connect with them and bring job opportunities to these communities while together adding more purpose,
soul and uniqueness to our creations.

SUSANA MADRID will devote a part of her revenue to organizations and projects that support and create solutions for those in need all over the world.
We are humble, grateful, and want to share and create a
positive impact around the world.


SUSANA MADRID is a transparent brand:
 • With customers, sharing information concerning
the materials and labor used to produce our unique pieces.

 • With the planet, working with a road map to reduce our
environmental footprint and choose more sustainable materials.

• With the suppliers and artisans, supporting an ethical and
honest approach: fair wages along unwavering support
for the community and artisanal traditions.