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Piña Sneaker -Bio Materials- in Silver Rainbow

Piña Sneaker -Bio Materials- in Silver Rainbow

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Our Piña Sneaker is giving us all the right vibes! Made out of responsible & conscious materials: upper in Piñatex (durable, breathable & sustainable natural material made of fibre from leaves waste of the pineapple plant) + mixed recycled/degradable eco rubber sole + Repurposed 100% cotton Deadstock Lining
The perfect pair to walk around, explore, travel or just dress with a cute dress! Be comfy yet chic while also supporting a more conscious lifestyle! This lively and fun design came to life by wanting something easy to put/take off (that’s why it has it’s adjustable straps with velcro) while mixing colours, textures and bio materials to have that perfect pair for day-to-night adventures!


  • Material: Piñatex® (a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty free material made of fibre from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant with a resin top coating for additional strength, durability and water resistance)

  • Color: Silver + Multi Color Straps

  • Padded Repurposed Deadstock Cotton Insole

  • Lining: Repurposed Cotton from dead-stock (please have in mind this might vary from pair to pair - which makes them more special!)

  • Mixed Recycled/Degradable Rubber Sole

  • Adjustable velcro multi straps for better fit & easy access/take off

  • Made In Italy


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